Average Cost

1 year hosting included with any choosen webpage.


Additional options include: static or dynamic pages, online stores, online catalogues, additional languages, blogs, RSS news feed, calendar of events, newsletter systems, survey, social media pages, google adwords, content writing, brochure, business cards, and logo design, meta fillings, and online forms.

0.00 CAD

An average of $800 of a basic website
Application of all Meta Tags: Title Tag, ALT Tags, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, H1-H6
An average of $75 per page/paragraph for Professional Copy Writing
An average of $200 for each additional Language plugin
An average of $400 for Logo design
Select business card type
An average of $250 for Business Card Design
Select  brochure type
An average of $500 for Brochure design
You most likely need more than one of those systems. Select each at a time, click the "Save and Continue" button to save the cost, then select other systems to add if needed.  
Advanced Dynamic Systems
Blog $350
Long Form $350
Survey $350
Event Calendar $350
Newsletter $350
Online Product Catalogue $800
Online Store $1500
Social Media pages
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